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Execution, Enforcement & Debt Collection

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Fırat Namlı
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Execution, Enforcement & Debt Collection

Akol’s legal team and veteran paralegals are highly experienced in execution and enforcement proceedings such as obtaining recognition of foreign court decisions by the Turkish judicial system. Our execution and enforcement services include:

  • Providing legal opinions and consultation from warning stage to final verdict

  • Securing claims even before initiation of court proceedings or during court proceedings

  • Representation of clients before the courts to secure claims

  • Conducting proceedings referring to existing enforcement clauses

  • Enforcement of payment orders and bonds

  • Initiating and supervising execution proceedings before relevant execution offices

  • Assessing and applying for the most appropriate remedies (complaints, appeals, charges)

  • Recognition and execution of foreign court orders or foreign arbitration awards.

Our services cover each stage of the formal debt recovery process, which is usually preceded by informal negotiations if necessary and appropriate. The formal stages usually follow the following staged framework:

  • Pre-trial proceedings: including sending official notifications/demand letters to the debtor and fulfilling all the necessary formalities and pretrial procedure.

  • Representation during trial process. In situations where the debtor does not willingly return the debt, perhaps after Execution Office process, we provide trial representation before Turkish Courts.

  • Post-trial proceedings. This includes any steps necessary to the enforcement the decision of the Courts to recover the debt.

We provide prompt, proactive, efficient, simple and cost-effective solutions for debt collection against individuals and entities, including banks and other companies with high volume debt collection needs. Tasks are performed with the importance of brand management and reputation, as well as other important considerations in mind to ensure the right results for our clients’ business.

Our team is well versed in all collection and governmental software such as UYAP, İcra Pro, AvukatPro, Inter Collection, HTS, Edremis, Ihope and all members are certified YTS users. To support our legal team, specialized call center employees keep in contact with debtors to speed up the entire collection and execution process.

Our debt collection services also include:

  • Claims in any Turkish court jurisdiction

  • Striking out meritless defenses

  • Large scale/high volume commercial recoveries

  • Outstanding debt matters, from initial letters of demand through to bankruptcy petitions / actions against individuals or entities

  • Enforcement proceedings

  • Creditors' statutory demands for payment of debt

  • Bankruptcy Notices and subsequent sequestration proceedings and Warrants of Execution

  • Negotiating commercial resolutions to debt disputes.

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