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Güneş Yalçın   Partner  gyalcin@akol.av.tr   +90 212 982 0462
Murat Ayyıldız   Senior Associate   mayyildiz@akol.av.tr   +90 212 982 0482

Murat Ayyıldız
Senior Associate
+90 212 982 0482


Our expert derivatives and capital markets team includes a leading UK qualified specialist and covers all the major product types (On-exchange, Centrally Cleared, OTC and securities Trading) and underlying classes assets (such as but not limited to FX, Credit, Equity, Interest Rate, Commodity, Energy).

Our lawyers have extensive experience with the full life cycle of relevant products, from new product development and assessment to transaction execution and documentation and on-going legal risk management including defaults, regulatory-inquiry response, customer complaints and litigation. 

Some of our main areas of expertise are:

  • On-exchange Trading (also called Exchange-trading or F&O trading)

    • F&O Terms of Business / Client Agreements; Tripartite-Agreements; Custody Agreements; Margin Facility Waivers; LC’s and SBLC’s; Guarantees; Amendment and Novation Agreements

  • Centrally Cleared Trading (also called OTC Clearing)

    • ISDA / FIA Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum; FOA Clearing Module

  • Over-the-Counter Trading (also called OTC Trading)

    • ISDA Master agreements, annexes and Confirms, CSAs / CPMAs & MNAs, Guarantees, Amendment and Novation Agreements

  • Capital Markets Master Agreements (through ICMA / ISLA)

    • GMRA (Repo Agreements); GMSLA (Securities Lending Agreement)

  • European Energy Master Agreements (Gas and Electricity)

    • EFET Gas and Power Master Agreement

related areas

• Banking & Finance 
• Capital Markets

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